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What is going to happen to the server???

Right now I know that the server does stop working at times right now and I am working on that right as the server is using a lot of beta plugins to have it up to date to 1.17 but stuff like this does take time to get right and stable. I am trying to… Read more »

Are you 1.17 Yet (yes but shhhh)

Right now the server is updated to 1.17 version of the Java version and all Minecraft C versions (this includes Windows, iOS, Android, xBox, and PS4/5). So you can now connect to the server with any way that you want to. Enjoy the Caves update and the clifs update is coming via the 1.18 update… Read more »

Why are you not updated?

Hey guys, So right now the reason why the server isn’t updated is cause I’m waiting for some important plugins that I use for the server to have it be a cross platform server hasn’t updated to 1.17 and I’m waiting for them to be updated before I update all of the server. So for… Read more »

Do you need a map?? Here is your Map!!!

There is a live map of the server at Yes the same address as the Minecraft server address. This is a live view of the server and this way you can see what is on the server and where you want to go. This site does not need a login to view.

Forums Forums and more Forums

There is now a forums system set up at and there you can post about stuff about the server, your builds and if you want to do a ban review request, you can do it all there. You will need to sign up for the forums. Please understand that at this time some things… Read more »

News around the server

The SMP server is now up and is 100%. There will be some restarts as I am doing some config fixes. A spawn area is setup and there are paths set up by friends of the server. I will set up a command page soon under How to Play. Please note that right now I… Read more »

Welcome to Techacraft

Welcome to Techacraft. A server for both Java and Bedrock editions to play on the same server. Right now this site is under construction and is being worked on right now as well as the forums. The server is up right now but under a beta setup for testing and the world will be deleted… Read more »