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Why are you not updated?

Hey guys, So right now the reason why the server isn’t updated is cause I’m waiting for some important plugins that I use for the server to have it be a cross platform server hasn’t updated to 1.17 and I’m waiting for them to be updated before I update all of the server. So for… Read more »

Do you need a map?? Here is your Map!!!

There is a live map of the server at Yes the same address as the Minecraft server address. This is a live view of the server and this way you can see what is on the server and where you want to go. This site does not need a login to view.

News around the server

The SMP server is now up and is 100%. There will be some restarts as I am doing some config fixes. A spawn area is setup and there are paths set up by friends of the server. I will set up a command page soon under How to Play. Please note that right now I… Read more »