Techacraft Launcher

We are happy to say that we have our very own Minecraft Launcher for Techacraft. This is where we would launch all of our mod packs and even our very own Techacraft Mod Pack called Beyond Worlds. This is a Tech and Space mod pack.

This Launcher does require Java to be installed and we do recommend the latest Java version. If you do not have Java installed, Then click here to go to the Java home page and download Java.

This Launcher is built using the open source SKCraft Launcher. This is built with community in mind and will have custom mod packs from the community, for the community.


Click Here to download the launcher


Click here to download the launcher

Mod Pack Creator (Windows, MacOS, and Linux)

Click here to down the creator

The login information

We do not collect any login information that you use to play Minecraft. All of that stays on your side and the only time that the launcher connects to our servers is for Launcher updates and Mod packs updates and downloads. your Privacy and security is important to us.